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About us

For more than sixty years Plastic Coatings Ltd has been the leading coating specialist, focused on world class solutions & services.

We offer the widest range of coating materials including Thermoset & Thermoplastic Polymers, Fluoropolymers, Electrophoretic or E-Coat Paint, Primers and more.

The Leading Coating Specialist.

Our reputation, expertise and resources for coating are second to none. Supported by world class quality systems including IATF 16949 (formerly referred to as ISO TS 16949) we have grown into the business we are today.

We now offer so much more than just plastic coating across a wide variety of industries from automotive to aerospace, offshore to medical.


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Services Plastic Coatings Ltd Provide

Plastic Coating Processes

Pre-Treatment Processes

The key to coating performance, whether its corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, coating adhesion etc is to have a properly applied coating over a suitable combination of pre-treatments.

Electrophoretic (Cathodic) Painting

E Coat, EP Paint, Electropaint, Electrophoretic Paint - known by various names, has become established in recent years as an economical and corrosion resistant finish on its own or as a primer.


Plastic Coatings Ltd have been powder coaters for over 40 years, which is about as long as the technology of powder coating has been commercialised.

Thermoplastic Dip Coating

The dipping of metal components into Thermoplastic powders or, Fluidised Bed dipping, as it is sometimes known, is the oldest form of plastic coating and goes back to the time when Plastic Coatings was established in 1952.

Sprayed Thermoplastic Powders

The spraying of Thermoplastic Powders (PPA, Talisman, Rilsan, Nylon) as opposed to the more common Electrostatic spraying of Epoxy, Epoxy Polyester and Polyester also known as Thermoset materials (Powder Coating), is our speciality.

High Performance Coatings

The High Performance or 'PTFE' Coatings section of Plastic Coatings Ltd applies technical coatings that contain materials such as PTFE or PolyTetraFluoroEthylene, FEP or Flourinated Ethylene Propylene Copolymer, Molybdenum and Graphite.

Company Statistics


  • December 2014
  • 110
  • 1952
  • £7,000,000

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